Orthodontist First Visit

During the initial consultation at our clinic we will collect diagnostic information through a panoramic X-ray, photographs of your face and teeth, and an examination. The orthodontist may have to look at your teeth and mouth using a ruler and a small mirror. Impressions or moulds may be taken as well. This information helps us identify your orthodontic problem to come up with treatment recommendations. The examination takes about 60 minutes and allows us to learn more about your orthodontic needs. We know that many clients have busy work schedules and will create diagnostic records following the exam to speed up treatment. We will include impressions necessary for study models and your X-ray results. The additional appointment takes about 30 minutes and covers a number of questions to help explain the basics.

6 Questions Before We Begin

  • Are there any dental disorders or conditions for us to address?
  • Is urgent treatment required to deal with serious problems or treatment can be delayed until tooth eruption or appropriate growth?
  • What are the appropriate treatment options and methods to correct the particular problem?
  • Different treatment options and how much they cost?
  • How long do treatment options take?
  • What payment options do you accept?

When discussing your treatment options, we will go over details such as tooth extractions, if necessary, the general procedures, and how orthodontic treatment will benefit your child or you as a patient. The degree of urgency is an important consideration. Some types of bites, for example, require urgent attention while children are growing fast. We will explain the most appropriate timing of treatment in your particular case. Written consent may be required if you choose to go ahead while your orthodontist recommends treatment to be delayed.

During the initial examination we will cover specific areas and general questions based on your diagnostic records. In-depth analysis and planning help us identify the most appropriate treatment method for your orthodontic needs. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each treatment option, the expected start date, problems with tooth decay and tooth brushing you may have, and whether there is a waiting list for the particular orthodontic treatment you need.

Please Bring with you

We ask patients to provide the following information during the initial consultation:

  • Do you have orthodontic insurance coverage? If yes, take your insurance card with you.
  • Have you had any panoramic X-ray over the past 6 months? This information will help us offer a more accurate cost estimate.

When you leave the clinic, you will have a good idea of the treatment options available to help you get the best smile possible. If you have any questions after the initial consultation, bring them along so that we can discuss them during your next appointment.

Please fill in and print the patient form prior to your appointment.