Emergency Care


We reserve a limited amount of time each day so that emergency patients may be scheduled quickly. If you have a problem requiring emergency treatment, please call us as early in the day as possible.

Should you have an emergency after hours or on the weekends, our 24-hours answering machine can be reach by calling (775) 882-5911 for further information.




What to do in Case on Emergency ?

Dental emergencies occur occasionally and require urgent care to avoid complications. Loose brackets, broken brackets, and wire irritations must be fixed as quickly as possible.


Loose Brackets

Bands and brackets tend to come loose, and this usually happens while eating foods that are too hard. It is best to avoid crunchy foods and foods that are difficult to bite, including candy, nuts, chips, ice, and popcorn. If brackets come loose, you may want to phone our office to schedule an appointment. At Beglin Orthodontics in Carson City, Nevada our emergency orthodontist will fix your loose brackets as soon as possible.

Brocken Brackets

Brackets break occasionally and need to be fixed. This usually occurs while eating hard foods such as apples, pizza crust, and bagels. While this is not an emergency, in some cases brackets require immediate repair.

Wire Irritations

Wire irritations are usually fixed by moving wires away to alleviate discomfort. Use a piece of cotton to cover the wire’s end and call us to get it fixed. You can also use an eraser or cotton swab to move the wire away. If the wire doesn’t move, you may want to use wax to cover the end. Some patients also use sterilized scissors or nail clippers to cut the wire when it feels painful. It is best to call us, however, than attempt to do this.

Lost Separators

Spacers or separators are often used when a patient gets braces. While losing a separator is uncommon, you may want to call our office to have it replaced if it happens. Spacers are used to separate teeth faster.

Discomfort with Orthodontic Treatment

It is common to experience discomfort or pain during orthodontic treatment. Discomfort is influenced by factors such as stress, emotional factors and present emotional state, past pain experience, gender, age, and others. Dental treatments such as debonding, activation of removable appliances, placement of arch wire, and separation may cause a degree of discomfort or pain. One study indicates that about 95 percent of patients experience some pain. It is usually caused by a combination of inflammation, ischemia, pressure, and oedema. Do not fret. There are different ways to control and alleviate pain, including soft-laser irradiation, analgesic agents, and others. Our orthodontists will recommend the most appropriate method to overcome discomfort with orthodontic treatment. Pain is one of the key reasons for discontinuing treatment which is why we recommend seeking professional advice. Eating soft foods after adjustments or if your brackets are still new also helps alleviate pain. Avoid hard and crunchy foods such as hard chocolate and cookies, corn chips, hard taco shells, and popcorn.