Ceramic Braces

Beautiful and friendly smile is very important in the modern world. It helps to express emotions and start social relationships.  According to statistics, the newborn baby smiles about 500 times a day even with no obvious reasons. Unfortunately, most of the older people smile less, and there may be many different reasons for that.  One of them is that not everybody can display straight and healthy teeth. Unfortunately, some people hide what they consider to be their drawback instead of trying to fix the problem. However, this strategy is proved to be non-effective.

If you decided to fight the problem instead of hiding it, we are here to help you!

Being professional orthodontists we know many ways to straighten teeth including different types of braces. Worldwide known and scientifically proved effect of braces is undeniable. There are millions of people that have already gotten rid of their not-to-smile habit. If you would like to join them, learn more about braces!

Braces apply continuous pressure to the teeth over an extended period of time by using a system of brackets and wires that slowly move teeth in a proper direction. The bone changes its shape as the teeth move under the pressure. In about 1 or 2 years, the braces are removed leaving you with straight teeth and beautiful smile.

Benifits of Ceramic Braces

Note that even significant curvature can be corrected by braces under the control of a professional orthodontist. And we are willing to become your bridge to a life full of smiling!

There are many types of braces like traditional, lingual, self-ligating and others braces. We suggest you to pay attention to one of the most popular and effective type of braces that is ceramic. Those came to replace more severe and noticeable metal braces; and are now gaining popularity all over the world!

Ceramic braces are:

  • Created of clear materials
  • Eco-friendly and harmless
  • Almost invisible
  • More comfortable  than metal braces

The braces made of ceramic are great for everybody who has cosmetic concerns including teenagers that are extremely sensitive to the aesthetical side of this issue. However, ceramic braces require responsible attitude to oral hygiene as they are larger than metal braces and much more brittle. It should not be too hard when the beautiful smile is at stake, and the way to such a smile is well-looking enough!

So you want to get yourself good-quality ceramic braces? The Beglin Orthodontics in Carson City offers both braces for kids and adult braces of a great quality and for a reasonable price!

We make the best ceramic braces you can ever find. Plus our orthodontic specialists care about clients and treat you like a family. Your health is our priority. Call us now and arrange the time for a consultation. We will do our best to help you obtain the most beautiful smile!